La Arcada: A Santa Barbara Gem

Tucked away in the center of Santa Barbara lies a piece of Santa Barbara history and one of its most unique jewels. In true Santa Barbara style, with entrances on State Street and Figueroa, La Arcada Plaza is a quaint and charming substitute for the larger malls. La Arcada Plaza boasts some of Santa Barbara’s top restaurants and art galleries as well as hosting a number of retail boutiques and services. Tile-lined walkways, fountains, sidewalk cafes and beautiful sculptures decorate the lush landscapes. Above the street level courtyard, La Arcada Plaza is also home to many businesses and firms.

La Arcada: A History

La Arcada Plaza was designed and constructed under the supervision of famed architect Myron Hunt in 1926. The entry signs, with the lion and castle motif, were taken from original artwork on the building dating back to 1927. The magnificent clock on State Street was modeled after an historic clock and Chicago landmark since 1880. The historic Barber Shop is a working establishment and a mini-museum of the decorative arts that embellished the hair cutting parlors in the early 1990’s. The lifelike statues by J. Seward Johnson and George Lundeen, the playful bronze dolphins by Santa Barbara artist Bud Bottoms, the inteactive Mozart Trio by Bonifatius Stirnberg, all enhance the magical experience of strolling through La Arcada Plaza.

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